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August 2009

Having the memory to remember things for long periods of time or shorter periods can go a long way in making our lives comfortable in the long run. Do you know that the memory of a human being permeates throughout our entire lives? However, the good thing about memory is that it improves incredibly with a few guidelines and tips. This is facilitated through a number of exercises and methods. The techniques and exercises are simple and they can be tried by any one.

1. Good diet
Do you know a diet that is balanced with the right ingredients is important for improvement in memory? This is because the right foods help in balancing the neurotransmitters. People who have diets that lack the proper nutrients have a lower memory capacity. The best foods that are recommended for memory improvement are fresh vegetables and fruits. This is because the fruits contain antioxidants that stop the slowing of the cognitive abilities of the brain.

2. Sufficient sleep
Enough sleep is important in the process of memorizing things. When the body goes to sleep the brain organizes and saves the information we learnt during the day. When the brain lacks sleep it leads to lack of concentration. A normal human being is expected to have at least eight hours of sleep per day. A siesta during the day can also improve the memory capacity, widely.

3. Physical exercise
Health experts have confirmed that physical exercise goes along way in keeping our memory capacity at a higher level. This is because the strenuous activity in the body stimulates the nerve cells and cardiac functions which translate to the brain getting enough oxygen. Good blood flow to the brain has been proven to increase memory capacity. Studies have proven athletes to have a higher brain capacity than other people.

4. Emotional balance
Having the right emotional balance protects the brain and memory functions from effects of stress. Studies have shown that high levels of stress lead to the damage of the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that effects memory regulation. It

Online PHD Degree Programs

August 20, 2009

It has become quite popular to obtain an education online. It allows flexibility and it more enjoyable as well as affordable for some. The programs offered online do not seem to be so different from those offered on campus especially since some of the online programs combine campus classes with online classes.

PhDs on the other hand have a very different story because doctorate degrees require a lot of research, paper work and lesser courses and classes such as that demanded by degree programs. So how does a PhD through an online program source affect the course procedure and how can one benefit from the online program than a campus one?

Many unimaginable tasks have been attained via the internet and obtaining a doctorate degree is one of them. Nowadays many schools offer online programs to allow their students flexibility in perusing higher education and not to give up on their jobs. The programs are offered online and some of the programs require that you attend a few on campus classes as well. These programs are commonly referred to as