50 Doctoral Students on Twitter Worth Following

June 28, 2010

If you’re earning your PhD through online courses, or if you want to learn more about a given college that offers PhD programs, you might tap into some Twitter accounts to learn answers to your questions. Or, you may want to learn more about the individuals listed in our 50 doctoral students on Twitter worth following simply to create new friendships. Either way, the following PhD students are active on Twitter and offer a wide variety of interests, hobbies and studies.

Digital MediaMedia and Tech PhD Students

Media and tech in the broadest senses, including journalism, education and HCI.

  1. @adamaig: Adam is an educational/learning games and tools researcher. He’s also a PhD student at IU in Learning Sciences.
  2. @andreatavchar: Andrea is a Humber PR Professor currently teaching a course in social media and working on her PhD at the University of Toronto in youth literacy and social media.
  3. @Barb_G: Barb is a consultant, cross-cultural trainer, PhD student in intercultural communication, Past Chair of IABC, ABC and a social media coach.
  4. @casillia: Follow this Austrian in Canada who is a PhD student, edTech Instructional Designer for e-learning and who has interests in communications performance metrics and HCI crowd and cloud.
  5. @chrisbrauer: Chris is owner of Smoothmedia, lecturer in online journalism at City University, London, PhD student in sociology/computing at Goldsmiths, and a Clarity tech fund manager.
  6. @greenbacker: Follow this New Englander, USAF vet, computer science PhD student, Objectivist and limited government activist who believes in capitalism and “rational self-interest.”
  7. @hrwiltse: This PhD student is at Indiana University and is focused on research at the intersection of technology and society.
  8. @laurapasquini: Laura is a PhD student engaging, collaborating, researching, learning, connecting and innovating online for the world of Student Affairs, EdTech & Academia.
  9. @Lura_Forcum: Follow this PhD student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. She’s into freelance marketing, public relations, writing and editing.
  10. @neha: Neha is an MIT PhD student and a software engineer at Google. She works on scaling web apps and platforms for the Internet.
  11. @rachaelsullivan: Rachael is a UT-Dallas grad student studying literature and new media. She starts her English PhD at UW-Milwaukee in the fall.
  12. @SeeJaxRun: Jaclyn is a USC Annenberg PhD student, global media and tech policy geek.
  13. @sophiabliu: Sophia currently is a PhD student at University of Colorado at Boulder in an interdisciplinary program called Technology, Media and Society at the Alliance for Technology.
  14. @susleec: Susan is a PHD student who is researching the genesis and diffusion of new ideas and businesses, including open innovation and crowdsourcing.
  15. @wollepb: This PhD-Student is at the University of Paderborn, is the CEO of UMITS and is interested in social media in HE & awareness support.
  16. @zuanto: Samantha is a PhD Student in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) at Indiana University, Bloomington.

SciencesMedical and Sciences PhD Students

  1. @amcunningham: AnneMarie, who lives in Wales, is a GP, Clinical Lecturer and EdD student who is “interested in everything.”
  2. @biologynews: This account is a Weblog of biology news updated each day by a PhD student in retrovirology.
  3. @chemistryrocks: Teresais a PhD student in organic/medicinal chemistry with a focus on neuropharmacology.
  4. @colinsegovis: Colin is a bio MD-PhD student at the Mayo Clinic.
  5. @DrCris: Chris lives in Australia, is a general surgery registrar and a PhD student.
  6. @Evolutioness: Lauren is a workplace psychology PhD student and holistic thinker who is connecting diverse knowledge and people.
  7. @flowingdata: Sounds like fun — Nathan is a statistics PhD student with “a background in eating.”
  8. @hansarora: Hans is an MD/PhD student at Northwestern University and chair of the Medical Student Section, American Medical Association.
  9. @KianaB: Kiana B is a MD/PhD student, “pet owner, and veggie lover.”
  10. @md_phd: This student is going into family medicine and is a “proud lover of Japanese ramen.”
  11. @medphysphd: The focus for this medical physics PhD student is radiation therapy for cancer.
  12. @SciencePhD: This PhD student is a former journalist now studying wetland science and the carbon market.
  13. @silversteelwolf: Follow this aspiring MD/PhD student, husband, advocate, media lover, “technophile…geek.”
  14. @Tuba_MD: Dr. Mutlu is a family medicine specialist & PhD student in medical genetics.

TheologyReligion Phd Students

  1. @KDavis: Kimberly is a journalist and a PhD student who is studying religion and media.
  2. @lhwhitaker: Lewis is a graduate student finishing up a PhD in Late-Victorian poetry, aesthetics, and religion. “Fiercely liberal, passionately opinionated, devastatingly charming.”
  3. @LindzeeLindholm: Tap into the Twitterverse through this Novus JD law student, Northwestern (TS) PhD theology student, and International Institute of Global Leadership student.
  4. @MichaelJAltman: Michael is a PhD student in American Religious Cultures at Emory University. He studies the history of religion in America w/ a specialty in the 19th century.
  5. @sahelblog: Alex is a PhD student in Religion at Northwestern University. He studies and blogs about Islam and politics in Africa.

ArtsArts and Design PhD Students

  1. @cowriegirl: This Twitter user is a PhD student with a passion for jewelry and all things handmade, and she has a following to fire her passion.
  2. @DavidZP: David lives in Wales, and he’s a former engineer, now a Phd Student in media law and an aspiring fiction writer.
  3. @LondonTheatre: Andrew is a PhD student in Documentary Theatre. He runs London Theatre Blog, a group authored publication on theatre in London and beyond
  4. @monaism: Mona is a digital/video artist and educator, PhD student in arts and technology, a social media scholar concerned with issues around gender, “loves animals and white wine.”
  5. @troyrhoades: Troy is a PhD student exploring perception, color, movement, and digital media.

Oxford PhDOther PhD Students

In other words, the major is not noted, but the hobbies and interests may stir some passions, laughs or debate.

  1. @apageor2: If you’re a conservative student, you might want to follow this PhD student, writer and conservative who centers beliefs in God, the U.S. Constitution and the military.
  2. @bgraybeal: Brian is a PhD student who is a Libertarian, Vet, Christian, father, husband, Peter Schiff & Ron Paul fan with an MBA, LSSBB.
  3. @cherimullins: Cheri is a tech communicator, content developer and strategist, knowledge manager, course developer and trainer, grant writer, theology school administrator and a PhD student.
  4. @cocklewoman: Follow this PhD student at Swansea University. She’s a mother, foodie, healer, amateur photographer and rugby and cricket fan.
  5. @drmomentum: James is a PhD student who offers a “skewed sense of humor, daily travails, occasional URL, infrequent insights.” Interests include cooking, friends, Math/Science Ed, SecHumanism.
  6. @GrantLS: Grant is a programmer, PhD student, medievalist, tech enthusiast, student of ‘things’ in the Digital Humanities and a lit geek.
  7. @kbiittner: Katie is a PhD student and archaeologist who loves “books, movies, knitting, gaming, and all things cute.”
  8. @lagunadeb: Follow this “peace activist Obama liberal lefty” and grad student PhD to get a perspective on a 21st-century love/dreamer’s worldview.
  9. @russwilliams_uk: Russell is a writer, translator, PhD student, teacher, “beardy, literary assassin, Cardiff City fan and smart-arse.”
  10. @tyfn: Phillip is a photographer and UBC PhD Student who is into games and social media.

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