Top 20 iPad Apps to Help You Write a Research Paper

October 03, 2010

One of the most difficult things you can do academically is to get a PhD degree. There are a lot of tough tasks you have to complete in order to be awarded this high degree — including writing research papers. Indeed, anyone on a Ph.D. track knows that it is impossible to get through your schooling without writing several papers. And, of course, a Ph.D. dissertation is a research paper on a massive scale.

If you are looking for ways to improve your ability to write research papers, you are in luck. Technology makes it simple to get help with research papers. If you have an iPad, you can get help writing your research paper. Here are 20 iPad apps that can help you as you prepare research papers:

Note Taking and Organization

You need to be able to take notes, organize sources and accomplish a number of related tasks. These iPad apps can help you gather information, store it, and organize it for use later.

  1. Pages: Apple offers its word processor designed especially for the iPad. A great way to help you organize and write papers — no matter where you are. You can choose from templates that can help you set up your paper, or even import what you need. Cost: $9.99
  2. Things for iPad: This helpful time management app is great for organizing a time table. Coordinate your time line for your research paper with everything else that’s going on, from dates to other assignments to appointments. A great way to stay organize, and to remind yourself of upcoming research paper milestones. Cost: $19.99
  3. Evernote: This perennial favorite for note taking is available and can be a huge help when it comes to organizing information for your research paper. Take notes, and even snapshots of information you are using. You can even make voice notes of what you need. Then, organize it in a way that can help you retrieve it later. Cost: Free
  4. iStudiez Pro: Another great organizational app that can help you keep track of your schedule and your research paper project. Create a time line, and set up to receive emailed reminders. Keeps you on track as you put together your paper. Cost: $2.99
  5. Synotes Slate: Sync your research paper notes with a little help from the cloud. Your information is synced across devices, so what you you do on your iPhone and on the web with what is going on with your iPad. Makes it easier to keep your project consistent. Cost: $2.99
  6. CourseNotes: Keep up with notes in class, but also notes that you take on your references, research and more. A great note taking app that can help you organize your thoughts. Categorize your notes and do other things with them. Cost: $4.99
  7. Smart ToDo: This manager helps you stay organized. Keep up with your milestones, and remain organized. Coordinate your research paper with other important happenings in your life. Cost: Free
  8. Blackboard Mobile Learn: Perfect for accessing your school’s Blackboard system from your iPad. If you need to turn in different stages of your research paper, this can be a great way for you to keep up with your assignments, and collaborate with others, on your research paper. Cost: Free
  9. Instapaper: Meant to help you save what you’ve found on the Internet for later reading. A great way to save references and research so that you can include it in your research paper. Cost: $4.99
  10. TakeNotes: You can organize your thoughts, take notes on research, and more with this iPad app. Allows you to highlight when needed, and make additional notes. Textbook reader allows you to highlight on the screen. A great way to keep track of important information and notes for your research paper. Cost: $2.99
  11. WhiteNote: This application allows you to move text around, and helps you keep track of your research notes. Make freehand drawings and notations. Cost: $3.99


Get help writing your research papers with these helpful iPad apps. Includes formatting apps and other useful tools for assembling your final product.

  1. iSource APA: If you need to write in APA style, this reference is perfect for you. Helps you put in your source references correctly, by showing you how to source everything — including online sources. Make sure your references are as they should be. Cost: $1.99
  2. iSource MLA: Great for those who are writing in MLA style. Use this app to make sure your reference section is up to specs for MLA. A great resource. Cost: $1.99
  3. Want help deciding on what wording to use? This iPad app is perfect. Look up word meanings quickly and easily. Additionally, this includes a thesaurus function. A great way to ensure that you are using words correctly in your paper. Cost: Free
  4. iBooks: This reader is designed to help you get access to references. If you are looking to reference different books in your research paper, this eReader can be a great tool. Can also offer access to some textbooks. Cost: Free
  5. WordBook XL: This app offers access to a number of definitions, and serves as a thesaurus. A great app for those who need a good reference while writing a paper. Cost: $2.99
  6. Wikipedia Reader for iPad: While Wikipedia should not be used as a source for your research paper. However, Wikipedia can be a good place to look for information, and to find usable articles and resources in the reference portion of different articles. Cost: $0.99
  7. AP Stylebook: Get the entire AP Stylebook on your iPad. You can get information on formatting, punctuation and more. This is a journalism reference that can be useful if you are writing media related research papers. Cost: $24.99
  8. Kindle: Kindle makes an iPad app. This is a great app for looking for reference materials. Allows you to pick up where you left off, and find more resources. Cost: Free
  9. Wolfram Alpha: This reference resource is one of the most powerful out there. Now you can have it with you, anywhere, thanks to the iPad. A great way to get answers and find expert knowledge that can be used as you put together your research paper. Cost: $1.99

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