Top 50 Inspiring and Educational Ph.D. Blogs

July 07, 2010

One way you can increase your marketability is to get a Ph.D. This degree indicates that you are in the top of your field, and that you are truly an expert. Going through a Ph.D. program can be a challenging — and exhilarating — experience. No matter your program, you can learn from others who have been there before. As you continue your educational journey with a Ph.D., consider these 50 inspiring and educational Ph.D. blogs:

Physical Sciences and Math

AtomsThese Ph.D.s offer perspective on math and physical science. You can learn interesting facts, and get a firsthand look at a variety of careers.

  1. A Blog Around The Clock: Bora’s Ph.D. thesis is on evolutionary aspects of circadian clocks. He has an interesting view of science, and he blogs about sleep as well.
  2. YoungFemaleScientist: A thought-provoking blog by a woman in the predominantly male world of science.
  3. Engineering Science: This blog on offers a look at what is happening in the world of engineering.
  4. Michael Nielson: This pioneer in the field of quantum computing offers insight into computing, intelligence and more.
  5. A number of interesting stories from various fields of science, including some by Ph.D.s.
  6. Cocktail Party Physics: Learn more about physics, and get a fun education about physics concepts.
  7. Uncertain Principles: This physics professor knows how to make physics more accessible.
  8. The Sceptical Chymist: Written by editors at Nature Chemistry, you can get good insight into what’s happening in the world of chemistry.
  9. Bad Astronomy: Phil Plait has a Ph.D. in astronomy and blogs about science, especially as it relates to the skies.
  10. The Planetary Society Blog: Learn more about space, the planets, and what’s going on in exploration beyond our planet.
  11. Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog: Information on math, life as a mathematician and more.
  12. Good Math, Bad Math: Mark has a Ph.D. in computer science, and blogs about math theory, and other interesting math subjects.

Social Sciences and Humanities

PsychologyLearn more about what makes us tick as a society, and get the inside scoop on different humanities. These Ph.D.s have great insights and interesting ideas.

  1. seeree, phd: With a shiny new Ph.D, Seeree is now a postdoc. She is has a liberal of things.
  2. In the News by Karen Franklin, PhD: This blog looks at what’s going on in the world of psychology by a forensic psychologist.
  3. The Media Psychology Blog: A fascinating look at media, and their affect on us.
  4. Laura’s Psychology Blog: Learn more about psychology from this professor.
  5. ShrinkWrapped: This psychoanalyst offers interesting insights into our world.
  6. Everyday Socialogy Blog: Learn more about sociology, and what makes us all tick together.
  7. The Global Sociology Blog: Sociology on a global scale from this college professor.
  8. Crooked Timber: Henry offers insight into political science and policy.
  9. The Monkey Cage: Different perspectives from different social scientists, some of whom have Ph.D.s.
  10. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: This Harvard economics professor shares insights on the dismal science.
  11. Mises Economics Blog: Well-known experts from the Ludwig von Mises Institute blog about economics.
  12. Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog: Learn more about philosophy, education and law from this University of Chicago scholar.


EducationLearn more about the education system, teaching and more from these folks with advanced degrees (including Ed.D.).

  1. Technology and Learning: Find out more about how technology can aid learning, and how it is used in education.
  2. Education Policy Blog: A variety of highly educated folks share information on education and policy.
  3. Eduwonk: Find out more about education, policy and learning.
  4. Thoughts on Education Policy: This Ph.D. student muses on education, policy and academia.
  5. Education Policy Program: Interesting look at education and policy from some highly educated writers.
  6. Rethinking Higher Education: Peter has his Ed.D., and writes about new approaches to higher education.
  7. Dr. Michele Borba: Learn more about parenting, education and more from this professional educational consultant.
  8. Science and Sensibility: Bill has a Ed.D., and blogs about science, education and psychology.


MedicineYou can get a Ph.D. in a medical field. Here are some blogs by medical Ph.D.s.

  1. Cheryl Parker RN PhD’s Blog: Get insight into nursing and mobile health care from this Nurse Ph.D.
  2. nKini: This Filipino nurse has a Ph.D. in nursing, and writes with a global perspective.
  3. Nursing Research: This blog is one that is focused on evidence-based, scientific nursing. One of the authors, Dana, has a Ph.D.
  4. Neurotopia: Interesting look at neuroscience and medicine from three Ph.D.s.
  5. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma: This blog is written by a respected professor with a M.D. and a Ph.D. It’s all about ethics and big pharma.
  6. CE Gant, MD, PhD: A licensed naturopath, this blogger helps you learn more about alternative and integrative medicine.
  7. Dr. Shock MD PhD: Learn more about neuroscience and the medicine of the mind.
  8. Disruptive Women in Health Care: Some of the authors of this health care and medical policy blog have Ph.D.s. An informative and sassy blog.
  9. Allergy Notes: Learn more about allergies, immunology and more from this former assistant professor.
  10. BrainBlog: An interesting look at neuroscience and the brain.

Ph.D. Students

Education Ph.D.Get firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to be a Ph.D. student. And find support when you most need it while getting your education.

  1. Graduate Student Blog: Learn about being a graduate student from this blog at Case Western Reserve University’s Pharmacology department.
  2. Mudphudder: This former M.D./Ph.D. student offers insights into education and academic medicine.
  3. My PhD Blog: This doctoral candidate at Aalborg University in Denmark is working on a Communications degree, and specifically focuses on social media.
  4. Mama PhD: Learn what it’s like to be a mother and a Ph.D. student. Get the support you need to maintain your sanity.
  5. PsyBlog: This blogger is working on a Ph.D. in psychology. An interesting student blog full of insights.
  6. Diary of a PhD Student: A look at what keeps this Ph.D. student going, and insights on being a student.
  7. Adventures of a Grad Student: This math Ph.D. student shares insight and thoughts on being a student.
  8. Miss Atomic Bomb: Learn about being a Ph.D. student from this post-doc who knows all about it.

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